PurColour color powder (celebration powder, holi powder) is thrown up in the air while participants dance and jump up and down.

PurColour™ is the premier supplier of outdoor color powder, UV glow powder, UV glow paint, UV glow foam, confetti and accessories in the USA.

 •  All of our products are manufactured in the USA!

•  Our products are safe, eco-friendly, vibrant and non-toxic.

 •  All our color powder contains all-natural fire retardant. 

 •  Fast, reliable shipping with online tracking.

 •  Excellent customer service.

No order is too small or too large!

Our customer service department is available to take your call Monday – Friday (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM MST)

Our manufacturing facility is located in Wheat Ridge, CO. Your call will be answered immediately by a dedicated team of representatives. We can provide technical assistance as well as insight to planning a color themed event.